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Graphic with pictures of Expecting and Empowered App on a Phone as well as Discount Code PRT

Get $5 - $20 Off Guided Workouts

Kristina used the Expecting and Empowered App and the mamas we have talked to rave about these guided workouts. We partnered with Expecting and Empowered to give you a great option for those looking for workout support that goes beyond our monthly guides! Use code PRT for $20 off your first year or $5 off a monthly subscription. Email Kristina at with questions.

2 Moms wearing postpartum recovery leggings and shorts from SRC Recovery with Text reading Fast Track Your Recovery

Get 10 % Off SRC Recovery Compression Wear

Alex used these to help her manage vericose veins and symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse during her pregnancy. Discount code applies to select items. Email Alex at with questions.


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Get Our Free Ready to Run Guide

Are you Ready to Run? Sign up and get this simple guide to get you back to running with: ideal timeline, self-tests, exercises to help you succeed, and running tips just for moms.

Find out what to do when after birth.

Topics covered:

Answers to questions like: “Is this normal?”

  • healing timelines for vaginal tears, episiotomies, and C-sections
  • when to expect your abs and pelvic floor to recover and when and where to seek help
Simple exercises that won’t overwhelm you
  • for posture, pelvic floor, and back pain
Actionable tips for common struggles
  • ┬áhealthy habits for the pelvic floor, returning to exercise, lifting, and more


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