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Pelvic Support Garment Reviews for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Ever wonder if a support garment would help make you more comfortable? My baby just turned 1 and I (Dr. Alex) am celebrating with PRT by sharing my experience using different support garments during my rainbow pregnancy and postpartum so you can decide what is right for you. Check out these pelvic support garment reviews.

Why a Pelvic Support Garment

After developing symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain after the birth of my first daughter, my second pregnancy came with vulvar varicosities and symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), wohoo. So, when my husband and I decided to try for a third baby, I told myself I would invest in making myself as comfortable as possible with my alphabet soup of pelvic floor conditions.

I am normally a very frugal person, but no one is as desperate as a mama that is 12 weeks pregnant and facing 28 more weeks of pregnancy discomfort. I had already tried everything from pelvic floor PT to pelvic support belts, belly bands, compression socks and tight leggings for my pelvic floor symptoms. I was ready to spend the next 28 weeks in an anti-gravity tank, but I was told that hadn’t been researched in pregnant ladies yet – terrible pregnancy joke. After having a good cry, I caved in and decided to invest in some well-made support clothing.

Before I dive into my review, I want to be clear:

Pelvic Support Garments are Not a Replacement for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Evaluation and Treatment

If you are reading this and wondering if what you are feeling is normal, here is an excerpt from our 6 – 9 Month Postpartum Guide:

“…there are many different symptoms that could indicate you are dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction. The following are common symptoms that are important to pay attention to and may be common but not “normal”:

  • Pain in the pelvic, vaginal area
  • Heaviness, pressure, dragging in the vaginal area
  • Leakage of pee or poop
  • Having trouble making it to the bathroom on time
  • Peeing frequently (more than 6-8 times in one day)
  • Pain with sex
  • Numbness or tingling the the pelvic or vaginal area

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to seek care from a pelvic floor therapist.”

If you are experiencing these symptoms and haven’t talked with a healthcare provider about them, start there. Support garments can be really helpful in my experience, but it is not a replacement for medical care. 

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Pelvic Support Garment Reviews: What I tried first

Pelvic Supports: V2 Supporter and a Similar Product

Postpartum mom wearing pelvic support belt. It has a belt that sits around the top of the hip bones and straps that cross under the pelvis and support it.

The V2 Supporter and other similar products are like a jock strap for your pelvic floor.


  • offer more support than regular leggings and spandex
  • adjustable


  • awkward to wear out in public with activewear
    • I was able to hide this under dresses and skirts, but it is very apparent with pants and shorts. I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually exercise in skirts and dresses.
  • Not as supportive as SRC Pregnancy Shorts
    • I liked how the SRC Shorts were able to disperse the support over a wider area
  • Velcro catches on clothing
  • Can get smelly… like a jock strap

Belly Bands

Pregnant mom wearing a belly band, side view

I tried different Belly Bands thinking that this could help take some pressure off of my pelvic floor.


  • able to walk a little farther at times during pregnancy or early postpartum with a band


  • had to pair this with some kind of pelvic floor support to get any pelvic floor relief

Leggings and Spandex

Pregnant mom wearing spandex leggings for additional pelvic floor support


  • Relatively inexpensive
    • I just used my pregnancy leggings I already had and invested in a pair of pregnancy spandex


  • Not the right support in the right places – aka my pelvic floor
  • Tighter support causes me to have a sensation of pelvic heaviness and clenching – not good

Compression Socks


  • Helped my minor leg swelling, felt less light headed, seemed to help my varicose veins in my legs
  • Warmer in the winter


  • Hot in the summer
  • Clashed with more formal outfits 🙂
  • Minimal effects on pelvic floor symptoms

Pelvic Support Garment Reviews: What did Work

SRC Pregnancy and Recovery Shorts


From past colleagues and peers, I had heard of compression wear. I felt like I had exhausted my lower cost options and was, well, exhausted, so I was ready to invest in something for myself. I researched a few options out there like EVB and landed on SRC.

SRC was founded by a mom for moms. I appreciated the research that they shared on their products and they seemed dedicated to getting the design and the materials right. They had a 100% money back guarantee, so that makes buying their products the first time feel a little less risky.

TL;DR these Shorts were worth the price tag for me

I wore my shorts almost daily at the end of pregnancy. I even wore them during early labor and I could swear they made contractions more bearable! I surprisingly don’t need them as much postpartum, but I use them anytime I feel heaviness or know I’m going to be more active and want more pelvic support as I continue working on my strength and endurance. 


  • Support is spread out over the whole pelvic floor
  • Breathable
  • Very solid construction
  • I was able to wear my pregnancy shorts through the early postpartum period and I still felt supported
  • They held up even when I washed them incorrectly (mom brain)


  • Not as cute as spandex
    • Much better look than the V2 supporter, but because this needs to support you in the right places, the cut is not the most flattering to me (but so worth it and likely not noticeable to strangers)
  • Sizing
    • Like anything for pregnancy, size can be a challenge to figure out online
    • You may need one pair for pregnancy and another for postpartum to be effective
    • The belly band was loose on me during early pregnancy and postpartum, but these were still supporting me in the right places ( I just paired these with a baggier shirt)
  • Cost
    • With how much money I wasted on less effective, cheaper alternatives, I think that these shorts are still worth it

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Which Pelvic Support Garment Is Right for You?

At PRT, we acknowledge that everyone’s pregnancy and postpartum journeys are different. So, what works for you may be different than what worked for me and that’s ok too. If you feel overwhelmed with your options, seeking advice from your obstetric healthcare professional or a pelvic floor therapist is also a great option. Just know that pelvic support garments can be a helpful addition to your recovery journey.

*Note: We provide information on postpartum recovery not healthcare advice. We encourage you to discuss any content with your healthcare provider – we value their role in your recovery and this site is not a replacement for healthcare services like obstetricians, gynecologists, midwives, primary care providers, physical and occupational therapists, and mental health providers. See our Terms & Disclaimer and our Resources for more information.